VHDL? Me speak it.


Last week I was on a working trip. Above you can see the cabin we stayed in for one night. Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken with my camera phone. It was a really nice place and I’d love to go there again one day for a vacation. It was situated near a lake and near Vuokatti, so I’m sure it’s a great place in the summer. Well, the bad thing about it was that as usual, the beds were twin beds in three bedrooms. Then there was one sofa bed and a high bed in another building. We were a group of five women and three men. So the “choosing your bed” thing was somewhat interesting. I chose to sleep in downstairs, as the staircase upstairs was a really steep one. And I hate those. It took quite a while before one of the other women decided to sleep in the same bed with me. It was a really big bed, but there is still something about sleeping in a twin bed with someone you barely know.

Well, it wasn’t all fun and games, as it really was a working trip. Which brings me to the “fuck you” portion of my post. We were visiting several places, one of them being the regional office of Oulu University in Kajaani. There we sat and talked with one woman, who complained on how hard it is to find people to do embedded systems. Then she went on how the companies have stolen all her good employees, but it’s just the way it is. Working for the University is a choice. The only benefit from it is really that you can do studies while working. The pay sucks, the benefits suck, just about everything else sucks compared to companies. If you are not interested in studying any further, then even that is more of a liability than an advantage.

Then she said that you can usually find c programmers more easily than you can find VHDL programmers. Then she went on and on how VHDL is not really taught anywhere and that those who can do it can choose where to work. And that VHDL courses should be kept.

OK, so at this point there were two thoughts running through my head. One of them being that if experienced VHDL designers really can choose where to work, why am I still stuck here doing shitty work that has nothing to do with it? Shouldn’t there be companies lining up at my doorstep then? Why haven’t I seen anyone looking for VHDL designers for a long time? Oh, now I get it: I live in the wrong place. I’m not considered as a potential employee because I choose to live here. Even though the work is mainly done on computers and in the modern day it should not matter where you are. But it still does. I’m stuck with this job because I want to live here. Because it would be too much trouble to move.

But the thing that worried me the most: how she went on and on about the need to have VHDL courses. My superior knows I know. VHDL, I mean. He also knows that I have already given a course on it. I’m afraid that he got ideas. But I’m not a teacher. I really, really, really suck at teaching. Well, I can teach one person at a time, but dealing with a full classroom is beyond my abilities. I do not know if they complained about the course I held, but I would not be surprised if they did. They are not paying me enough to teach. No way. I’m not a teacher. I did not agree to do any teaching when I took this job.

Thank God I only have one week to go before my skiing holiday. I really, really need it now.


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