So this is the day they call Valentine’s Day. Well, at least in English they do. In Finnish it is called Friend’s Day. And there is a big difference in that.

You see this holiday has not been celebrated in this part of the world for too long. It was brought here in the late 1980’s by the post office. They wanted to make people send cards to each other because of this day. Maybe that is why the day has never been a “romantic love” day here; it’s a “remember your friends” day. You see, people usually tend to have more friends than people they are romantically involved with. And friends can live far away from you while your big love usually does not. Connect the dots. The postal service of Finland got what they wanted. Now this day is the second biggest spike in card traffic. The biggest one being Christmas.

So I am not going to get all mushy here and start remembering when we met or anything like that. I was already too old when this new thing came, so I do not think I have ever given anyone a card on Valentine’s Day.

I still have received some. The first one ever was from a girl that was my friend. So it really is about friendship. I’m certainly not lesbian. I think I would have found out by now if I was. I have never, ever had a crush on a woman. But I’ve had several crushes on men. None of them ever send me a Valentine’s card or a gift. The one card I got from a male was from the “friend” I have actively been trying to forget for years now. It actually grossed me out rather than made me feel good.

Which in a way brings me back to this post and the comment from PJ. If you have read this post you know how I have always struggled with the concept of fans. It is completely impossible to wrap my mind around the idea that my blog would have fans. I can understand that lots of the big blogs that have thousands of readers would have fans, but me – never. To me the mental image of the word fan means one sided admiration. Ummm… not likely.

I like to think that I have made some friends by blogging. That is a totally different kind of a relationship. I’m not going to list any names here, but you know who you are. You have read and commented on my blog. I have read and commented on your blog. I have made friends throughout this difficult path I have traveled. Some have been lost on the way and will forever be missed. But luckily new people come out and play.

Happy Friend’s Day to all my friends inside the computer!


7 responses to “Friends

  1. I liked the idea of friends day… until you pointed out it increased card sales and post office use, and now it just sounds like a cynical money-grabbing venture. I do see your point on that one. Hope you had a good day anyway.


  2. Yeah, well, the post office connection is one of my main reasons not wanting to really celebrate this. At least by sending cards by post. They already rip me off when I’m sending stuff all over the globe…

    It seems that those holidays get promoted that have the potential of selling stuff. If it’s a holiday that does not involve lots of buying, it goes by quietly.

    Now it seems that the next thing copied from the USA is going to be Halloween. It has the potential of selling stuff, so I’m quite sure it is getting more and more attention in the coming years. It has not been celebrated here. It’s just a day when it is customary to remember your lost ones by taking a candle to the grave. I’m assuming the candle bussiness does not need more promoting, so the holiday has been almost unnoticeable around here.

  3. They’re smart guys, the Finnish post office people. 🙂 Happy belated friends day to you too.

    I agree with you on importing foreign holidays, just to boost commerce. It’s all so fake.
    They’re trying to push halloween here heavily too. What’s next? American football and cheerleading?

  4. Lut, I’m afraid that American football and cheerleading have both landed here already… In fact it seems that the first Finnish cheerleading championships have been held 1985. It’s here already, and can’t be sent back to where it came from!

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