Consult with Dr. Google

You would think that by now I’d know enough to stay away from Dr. Google when diagnosing my symptoms. But nooooo, I had to resort to it again. Much to my dismay I could not really find anything on infection of the jaw bone the dentist said I’m having.

But I did find quite a lot of information on teeth needing a root canal. It hurts when you bite with it – check. It rises up from its place so it can feel high – check. It’s sensitive to hot or cold – check. It hurts when tapped with an instrument – you betcha!!

And now I’m wondering why nobody told me before! I would have gone to the dentist – no, ran actually – had I just known what I’m headed into. I’m getting really pissed at the dental hygienist that saw me just before Christmas when I complained about a tooth that feels high and it hurts to bite with it. I’m quite certain that she figured out what was wrong with it, but never told me. She just gave me an appointment to a dentist later that day and left me wondering what the rush is. Well, she probably thought that I would run away screaming if the words “root canal” were said out loud. OK, I can live with that, not that I would have but… tell me why did she not bother to let the dentist know what she thought was wrong?

I did go to that appointment. The dentist found a small cavity in the tooth next to the one really needing the attention and fixed that. I thought that maybe it really was that even though my cavities never hurt. Then it was Christmas. No dentist available during the holidays. The pain was manageable with some painkillers. By the time that I could have seen a dentist again the pain was gone, so I did not want to go there complaining when they obviously could not find what was wrong.

So now I have this. Just because someone thought I could not handle the idea of having a root canal. Therefore I get a root canal without anesthesia, because Dr. Google told me that no local anesthesia would work if the tissue is inflamed. Thanks again!


2 responses to “Consult with Dr. Google

  1. That’s awful. I lost a molar to a jaw infection. I went to an older dentist for treatment, the tooth needed immediate attention and my regular dentist wasn’t available. The dentist applied an old type of treatment, which ultimately made the tooth unsalvagable. I was pretty angry, but truth be told, a proper root canal might not have worked either. The most annoying part was having to go back multiple times over the course of a year to get an tooth implant. Expensive, but a convenient solution.

    I hope your dentist does a better job than my interim one did.

  2. Lut, that sounds so bad! No wonder you were angry. I’m really hoping that this will not come to that. I’m going in today for another check, hoping that this is finally over. Well, at least almost…

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