I'm a gal!

Take Which Useless Man are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey‘s Personality Test Generator.

You are THE OCCASIONAL USELESS GAL, using biting sarcasm and venomous barbs to keep men in line. The men do not understand your sarcasm, and just think you are either a) hormonal, or b) PMS ing, or c) both. Offers of ice cream for a peace offering are just ploys to get some make up sex. Mainly, if you are THE OCCASIONAL USELESS GAL, it is because you are a girl.


OK, so here is another test. I was again looking at my stats and found that someone had landed on this post. So I went to read what the Useless Men had done lately. And sure, they are just as funny as always! You can almost forget the pain you are in when you read the site. And I can never resist a test, so I took theirs. And look! I’m a girl! I’m not a Useless Man!! Wheee!!

But still the hits are coming for that nonexistent picture. And for some unknown reason most of these hits seem to come from countries like Iran or Morocco or Saudi Arabia. Well, I am planning to do a post about this one of these days when my head is not completely filled with pain. It sure makes all brain activity really, really hard when all you can think of is the pain you are in.


2 responses to “I'm a gal!

  1. Sure, links help! The weird hits are going to completely another post. I’ve tried one trick found in Google help, but it takes time before the bot comes around…

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