Well, it looks good on the outside…

Yet again I would not believe that anybody can have this much bad luck if I was not the one living it. Now that the flu has – well, at least not as bad as last week, I’m having the worst toothache I’ve ever had. I was so sore on Sunday that I could not get anything done. All I could think about was how much my tooth (and jaw) hurt. Unfortunately there are no dentists available during weekends, so I had to wait until Monday before I could see one.

Now I’ve had the pleasure of having a root canal without anesthesia and being told that my jaw is infected and the tooth dead. My cheek feels like I had had anesthesia but unfortunatley I can still feel. At least now the pain is manageable with ibuprofen. I’m popping antibitics and hoping they kick in soon. And then I get to go back on Friday for more meds into the tooth.

And at first they did not know which tooth to open up even though half of my face was swelling. The dentist had to tap my teeth to figure out which one hurt. You see, it looked perfectly good on the outside. The insides, however, were full of bacteria.

So excuse me if I’m not really in the mood of writing much. May I suggest again that you read my new renter in the mean time? I will try to post something coherent once I can make it through the day without a shitload of pain killers!


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