No wonder you can never find what you are looking for…


What the fuck is wrong with those search engines? Especially the ones that are used for looking for pictures?

It’s no wonder that it seems that more often than not you can’t find the picture you are looking for from the page that the engine gives. I’m beginning to see why that happens now.

I’ve noticed that most of my hits these days come from image search engines. First it was just Google, but just recently I’ve noticed that a lot of people come from MSN Live search. Looking for a picture that has never, ever, ever been on this site. Never. And never will be on this site. Remember back when I talked about my obvious need for breast reduction? I linked to a picture found on a reduction site. Linked!! I never copied it to my site. I never intended to copy it to my site. I was just showing you an example.

But somehow this oh-so-bright Google decides that this picture is on my site.

It’s really, really interesting that I actually do have many other pictures on my site but none of them ever generated even one hit. But when I link to a pic of bare breasts that one gets tens of hits per day! The one that never even was here.

And now MSN, too. It’s getting old really fast. I have removed the link in hopes that this will cause my site to drop from these searches. Of course those search engines are reeeeeally slow in updating their databases, so I’m hoping the hits will stop sometime in the next decade.

Oh, wait, stop the press! Now they are coming here looking for a picture of Brad Pitt! I’ve removed the link to that pic, too, but I’m not sure if the hits will stop. Well, I’m thinking those who come looking for it are not going to stay for long as my opinion still stands, Brad Pitt is ugly.

Hey, I found still another one! It seems that every single pic I have ever linked to comes up in these bloody searches. Hey you, whoever it is who makes these bots, figure out how to make a difference between a photo that is not on the site and a one that is. You are going to piss a lot of people if you continue like this!! Those who own the sites and those who are looking for the pics.


3 responses to “No wonder you can never find what you are looking for…

  1. why does it bother you that your website is getting traffic?

    the main point of doing this is to reach as many people as you can right?

    traffic is traffic

  2. Well, what is the point of having traffic anyway? I’m not getting any money for the people that come to the site.

    I’d love to get traffic from relevant searches, and sometimes I do. For some reason the text searches give a lot more accurate hits – usually I can see why the search landed on one of my pages.

    But it bugs me to no end to get all these hits because of a picture of bare breasts that’s not even here. So do you really think that those looking for a pic like that would stay and read my blog? That’s not likely. Nobody has clicked on any other pages on my site. They come and see that there are no pics and leave.

    Why should I want hits like this?

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