It's a funny thing

So this is the year 2007. Let’s just hope it’s better than the last few have been. Especially last autumn! I really, really do not want to live through that again. Maybe the funeral that was on the 30th was the end of it. One can always hope.

You know I always take all kinds of tests I find on the net. I can not remember when or where, but one of those tests told me that I have no sense of humor. What?? Just if my idea of a sense of humor is not that of the maker of the test that makes me humorless? Not that I take these tests very seriously, but that one was the most arrogant I’ve come across so far. It asked questions only on one type of humor, which just happened to be the only one I can absolutely not stand: Candid Camera type of humor. I do not find it funny when people panic when things go wrong. Why is it funny anyway? Why is it funny to laugh at someone else hurting?

So what if people laugh at different things? I’ve only met one person that has been completely without a sense of humor, and that was my Finnish teacher in High School. Just yesterday I was the first one to burst laughing when one colleague told a funny thing at the coffee table: someone had left a post it note to their door (in the days of no cell phones) saying: “I’m expecting an important call request”.

Yes, I’m the first to admit that my humor can be quite dark at times. Well, that seems to be a side effect of IF. I’ve seen a lot of that going around. I think it is a kind of coping mechanism. Other than that I like humor that is not mean to anyone. Too many times it seems that others have fun at the expense of others. I can not stand it. That might be a side effect of getting bullied at school. The others seemed to be having fun, but I certainly was not.

Now I’m beginning to think I’ve talked about all this before, but hey, at least it was last year! Maybe I’ll just start recycling my old posts, so there will not be so long breaks between posts. I do not think anyone would notice – shh, don’t tell anyone. Maybe it’s good that I had to delete the search function from the page as it did not work, it just threw you on a completely different page. Yeah! Recycle! Save the environment!


4 responses to “It's a funny thing

  1. I don’t want to jinx it but I do hope 2007 is a very different (and my different I mean better) year. It’s high time, don’t you think?

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