Rainy December

It doesn’t feel like Christmas. It’s only two weeks until the man in a red suit is coming with the presents. Or I’m hoping he is, as our regular Santa has not called yet and confirmed that he is coming. I sure hope he will call, as I have no idea on where to look for another if he’s not coming…

I think the main thing missing is snow. There is no snow here. None. Nada. In fact it is raining outside right now. It’s the middle of the day and it’s not even remotely light outside. No snow. Just a lot of water. It has been raining for weeks now. I would not mind it so much if it were snow. But it’s not. It’s so depressing. I want snow!!!

So I have been using the money for everything besides an IVF cycle. So I’m quite certain that there will not be a donor cycle for us. Yesterday DS said to me that I have to promise that there will not be a baby in our household. I was very tempted to say to him that he can be sure of that. But I did not want to promise him something I am still not too sure f I can keep. Yeah, so at least he does not want a baby brother or sister.

What did I use the money for then? We stayed at a hotel this weekend. On Friday we went shopping and I spent about 800 euros on stuff. Then we ate out for two days, that is about 150 more. The hotel was cheap, only 100 euros for two nights. And on Saturday we went to a place where you could soak in water, which was so much fun for all of us.

And now I’m tired. And pissed when I look out of the window. I hope Christmas gets here soon so I can stay home for a few days.


2 responses to “Rainy December

  1. The weather is awful in my area as well.

    I didn’t realize you were still considering IVF. Or are you just toying with the idea? I can imagine there are plenty of fun things to spend the money on.

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