Gimme your stuff!

Gimme Your Stuff

OK, so I have decided to give this a go. I’m hoping to find a swap buddy somewhere in the world. I can send you anything I can find in the stores here in Finland. I just need you to check what can be sent to your country. I can for example get you local candy (we have very good chocolate here) or that CD from Finland. I can get you fabrics and yarn and other crafty things. Just let me know what you want.

I can get you Moomin stuff like cups or pillowcases or other things. I can get you Marimekko stuff like fabrics or shirts or notebooks. I can get you Fiskars stuff like… eh… well scissors. If you want the more crafty things than just scissors that they make you may have to wait a while, but I can get those, too. But all of these brands know all too well what their name is worth, so they are not really inexpensive.

What would I like to get then? Right now I would love to get Ninja Turtles or Darth Vader (with or without other star wars characters) clothing size 130 cm (7 – 8 yrs) or equivalent (pajamas, t shirts etc.). Or just about anything with one of these characters on it. Or Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon or any other anime stuff for boys (trading cards wellcome). Or if you can’t find any of these, something that the 7 year old boys in your country are crazy about. I’d really like to get something for my DS with every swap I do, as he gets so exited when the packages come and so disappointed if there is nothing for him.

Other than that I’m interested in chocolate, I’d love to taste what kind of chocolate you have in your part of the world. I especially like dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa. Other than that I’m open to suggestions. Right now I can really think of anything else I’d really, really want.

You can contact me by replying to this post or email me directly to ankaisa at Oh, and if you try to comment and it does not show up, my spam filter could be eating it. I have no idea on why it sometimes puts perfectly good comments in with the spam, but I have to keep it on. It has so far eaten over 12000 spam comments that would otherwise be out here for all of you to see! And believe me, you do not want to see them…

Updated in April, 2008: So I’ve had my break in this. I had the break because I’ve done so many swaps and I happened to end up swapping with people who could not keep their end of the deal: Jenna from UK, Karen from Philippines (who said she had sent the package but it got lost in the mail and she does not seem to be in the swap directory anymore), bjc from Canada (who also seems to be missing from the listing) and Dawn Castro from California (the blog has dissapeared completely, so I can not link to it). If you initiate a swap with me and fail to do your part, your name will be the next on that list! But if I do get your stuff, I promise to take a nice picture of it and post it to the website.

I will only start a new swap if you absolutely promise to stick to the mailing schedule that we agree on. It’s bad enough that the package can take even 8 weeks to get here, any delay in sending just makes the wait worse. And I will only do swaps with people that write understandable English, as it gets too hard to organize these swaps if one is talking about apples and the other one about oranges.

And since the gimme site seems to be updating really, really slowly these days I’ll say this: You can contact me even if your site is not yet listed. Just give me a link to your gimme post and we can start from that. I’m really ready to do this again, I’m just no good in finding the ones to swap with myself!


18 responses to “Gimme your stuff!

  1. Hi Ankaisa!

    I’m Alvina from Singapore and I would love to swap with you. I can get a lot of candy, chocolates, and tasty snacks for you. I am so interested in cute fabrics if you can get them for me. Lets have fun swapping.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  2. Hi, I’m Shell from USA and I would love to do a swap with you. I can send you candies, tea, coffee, chocolates, cookies and other yummy snacks you could think of. I’d love to receive cute fabrics in exchange. Hope to talk to you soon! My blog –
    (I signed up with Gimmeyourstuff today, and I’m anxiously waiting for an approval) My email addy –

  3. Hello!
    I just signed up for Gimme Your Stuff. I’m from Alabama (USA). I’d love to do a swap with you. My name is Jessica, I’m 23, and I LOVE to send and receive packages. I’m leaving you my email and url so you can see the types of things I’d love to receive (pretty much anything, really).
    I hope to hear back from you soon!
    Huntsville, Alabama, USA

  4. hello. i am interested in swapping with you. i’m from the Philippines and we have alot of good stuffs here too. if you are interested in swapping with me please e-mail me at: kaleidofiction[at]yahoo[dot]com or visit my swapping list at: just to state a few of my interest, i would love: chocolates and candies from Finland, soothing Finnish music, anything with penguins on it and some other vintage stuffs from your country. as a fair exchange [or swap], i wouldn’t mind on sending what you like from my blog. but P.S., i don’t send parcels ranging from p10,000. lol. but i am interested in swapping with you. keep in touch. happy swapping! -karen

  5. What a great idea! I am from South Carolina, USA and would love to swap with you. Anything that a 3 year old girl, a 2 year old boy, or a little something for me. Email me if you are interested and we’ll work something out.

  6. heya im jen female from england! ive just joined gimme ure stuff and cant wait to start swapping! ive seen ure parcels featured on the website and they look fantastic! would deffo be up for a swap if you fancy it?
    email me on if you do.
    cant wait to hear from you xxx

  7. Hello!
    My name is Dawn and I live in southern California in the USA!! I have 2 boys, one is 16yrs old & 8yrs old., both have lots of Yu-gi-oh that they would love to send to your son!! I would love to also swap with you!!
    You can check out my blog:

    Or you can check out my pictures of stuff I have made at:
    and you can alos email me at:
    I would love to get some fabric and yarn or what ever kind of crafty stuff you can get! and any wonderful crafty magazines that you might find!
    Drop me a line and let’s see if we can get a swap going!!

  8. hi there,

    i found your link through gimme your stuff.
    i would like to swap with you. i can get any of the stuff you listed for a six year old boy. i have a lot of nephews 🙂
    i live in los angeles, ca.

    my email:

    hope to hear from you soon!

  9. Hi! I’m in the UK and would love to swap with you – if not immediately than at some point in the future (it looks like you’ve had quite a few swap offers, so I imagine you are probably quite swamped!!). I have just signed up with Gimme Your Stuff so the link will probably take some time to appear on their site, but I have posted my list on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


  10. Hello! My name is Priscila and I´m in Brasil.
    I´m new to the site, I don´t think my link was added yet, but I´ve swapped through other sites before, and I LOVE receiving things from Finland, especially Moomins, they are so adorable! =D I would gladly send you Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, etc stuff and of course some goodies for you too =)

    You can check if there´s anything else that might interest you at the blog, I created it for the site:, and if you´re interested in trading with me you can leave me a message there or e-mail me: priscilacatao at Hope to hear from you soon! =)

    Bye! =D

  11. I would love some of your finnish fabrics! Is there anything I can offer you from the South Eastern United States? I will be going to Florida in a few weeks also–I could get you sea shells and things of that nature (sand, sand dollars, starfish etc.) or any other thing you may desire from there! My page is if you are interested in looking at anything else I may have to offer you. Most of it’s the typical generic stuff–but if you have ANYTHING you REALLY want, I can look into getting it for you! I’ve got friends all over the country 🙂


  12. Hi Ankaisa,

    I’d love to swap with you if you are interested. Because I am starting to make my apartment into a home, I’m more interested in receiving just one or two things like kitchen items or home accessories than a bunch of trinkets. But I’m up for anything. I’d also be happy to send you toys for your son, chocolate, or anything else you’d like. I’m from the United States (Minnesota/Colorado depending on if school is in session or not).

    I’m new to the swap, so my name isn’t up yet. Here is a link to my site:

    Take care.

  13. You seem nice. I love Moomins.
    I can definately get you YuGiOh/Pokemon stuff,etc.

    Anything Scottish/British you’d like?

    Interested in a swap?

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