In da house

So this will be another Finnish BB post. I know, I know, it’s boring for most of you who have never seen it. But I’m hoping at least some of you have watched a local version so they have some kind of an idea of the program.

This week my favorite housemate is up for eviction, again. I know I do not have the money (about 1 euro/vote), but I’m voting anyway. She just has to stay in the house! Has to! Luckily it seems that it is highly unlikely that she is the one to go, as one betting agency is giving her 5 and the other 7 as odds (sorry if I’m messing this up, I’m meaning that one is giving your money back 5x and the other 7x if she is evicted). But I’m still afraid. The only thing keeping up for now could be gone after next Sunday. I’m sure that I would not watch BB much after that.

Why do I like her then? It seems that she is and has been the underdog all the time. She has not made any friends in the house and the other housemates are not very nice to her. It seems that she is being left out of a lot of things, and that is really getting to her. I really want to stand up for her, and I’m so glad I’m not alone. Sure, she can be annoying at times, but who isn’t? And it seems that behind that tough surface is really someone with low self esteem, who can not believe that anybody could love her or think that she is pretty (which she is, she reminds me a bit of Angelina Jolie).

And for some time it has been so much fun to watch her circle around one of the new boys that came in two and half weeks ago. She keeps saying that she does not have a crush on him, but to me her actions tell otherwise. But the boy had met some girl two weeks before coming into the house and keeps talking about that girl. And my favorite has talked over and over again how she is a one man’s girl so that if she is dating somebody she will not even look at other men. Which means also that she will never, ever touch a man who already has a girlfriend. I know I was just like this when I was younger. So she is never going to admit she has a crush on him. Oh well, it’s still fun to watch. It might actually be more fun to watch them flirting – you can always wait for more, even if it never comes. I just hope they both stay in the house a long time!

Oh, and I found out this week that one of the girls is IF. She talked about it a bit one morning, not much. So all I know for now is that she has endo and that they are in treatment with his fiancé. And this is when it gets bad: not long after that a rumor started to get around that she must be pregnant. Yes, you heard me right. The only good thing in this is that she is still in the house and not outside reading these. It seems that the rumor started when someone said that her belly has been getting a bit bigger while in the house. Hah! When you look at what kind of junk they eat all day long it is not very surprising. All the girls have been complaining that they are having a hard time fitting in their clothes anymore. And the one that is IF is the one being pg… AAAARGGGHH! She is by no means my favorite in this game, but I have to defend her, too. People are just so ignorant. Hey, she has had AF (or her boat has being painted, which is what I’m going to call it from now on) twice while in the house! Come on! I’m hoping this all dies well before she gets out or it will be devastating for her.


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