Somebody let me out!

I’m sorry my posts have been so short lately. This one is one of them. I feel I’m going to snap soon. I’m so tired! We spent the weekend moving my parents’ stuff from the old place to the new place.

Dad is still in the hospital. He seems to be better. Which is not necessarily only a good thing. Now he is calling me all the time, too. And complaining about my mom: how she is giving things away when she should be selling them (hello – the house muxt be empty by the end os the month), telling me to take away her debit card so she can’t use her money for something stupid because she can’t remember everything… and the list goes on.

And my mom… Where to begin? Most of her things are in the new place already, but she refuses to sleep there. I had given her a list of things to pack last week – nothing was done when the movers came. Now the furniture has been moved, but a lot of the other stuff is still there.

And this flu I’m having is not going away. Two weeks gone and I feel like my lungs are burning.


4 responses to “Somebody let me out!

  1. Oh sweety :(. Is there anything that I could help you with? Anything? If feel that you are having such an enormously hard time at the moment! For now I am sending lots of hugs, but please let me know if there is anything I could do!


  2. You would be tired, running two households and holding down a job. :-/
    Not only that, one of the households is rebelling. :-S

    I hope you find some people to help you out with all that moving!

    Take care

  3. Thanks for your nice comments! And I can not think of anything any of you could do right now to make me feel better. I just have to get through on my own.

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