Hey, now my pic is finally up at 25 peeps! Please go there and try to guess which one is mine!!! But please hurry, it looks like I won’t stay up for long… I should have taken a pic of my boobs, dammit!

Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? 25 peeps is a place where you can submit your pic to be displayed with 24 other pics. Then people who com to the site can click your pic and be taken to your blog. You need to get clicks to stay on the list or you will be knocked out. Which is about to happen to me unless a miracle happens soon…


6 responses to “25

  1. Being the other set of feet in sandels,(with much cleaner toes than I), I had to stop by and say “Cheers”. It’s funny you should mention the boobs,(not an option for me I’m afraid), cause on my blog I entitled my post “Dirty Toes” VS “Boobies & Babies”. Perhaps the two of us can mutually support each other and walk past all those boobies. (I can dream can’t I?) I’m hoping to turn the “DT’s VS B&B’s” into an international campaign of substance over surface. After all, those are really my toes, I haven’t mushed them together to make them look bigger, or had toe surgery enhancements, not even a pedicure…just the toes the Good Lord gave me to walk with.
    Here’s to the feet, sending a word out to the peeps.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  2. Hello again:

    You know, I was just thinking about the ‘Dirty Toes’ VS ‘Boobies & Babies’ thing going on at the moment, and I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I don’t have anything against ‘Boobies’, I’m just not so sure about their decision making capabilities, nor that any real decisions should be based on them. That’s not what they were designed for, and I recognize doctors have done some pretty funky things with Frankenstein efforts in plastic surgery and the like, but I’m pretty sure that this is still beyond them.
    And I like babies too…I used to be a nanny in L.A. for almost 6 months before I helped them move back to Michigan.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

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