What? Another week gone?

I can not believe that another week has gone by. No way is that possible! But when I look at the calendar it is evident that it is.

OK, so I’ll give you the update first. My dad is getting better all the time. Today he seemed to be about normal, sitting up and talking coherently. One can only hope this trend continues. And another good thing has happened, my mom finally took some action and got them a place to stay after the end of October. Whew. This was really getting to me already!

The one thing that made me feel good this week was that my dealer sent me a package full of Clack. There’s nothing like a batch of fresh Clack to take your mind off things! It just shows that an old trick is often better than a truckload of new ones. Just one second while I’ll hit play on my cd player again…

Other than that not much has happened. Oh, and I just noticed that I’ve completely ignored the fact that this blog has been up for two years now! And that this year I had a good reason to ignore our wedding day at the beginning of September. We did celebrate ds’s birthday, but I did not write much about it here. So all this has made me feel like I do not want to celebrate.


One response to “What? Another week gone?

  1. Your dad is made of sturdy stuff! Fabulous!

    Happy bloggiversary! 😉
    Mine is coming up soon, but I won’t really be celebrating it either. Just another sad milestone. :-/

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