Grey sky

So now I have progressed to the stage where I just feel down without really knowing why. Physically my dad is better. His mind seems to be improving, too, but I’m still worried. I heard yesterday that he thinks that the nurses have stolen money from him. Not a good sign. And it seems that he can’t remember a lot of what has happened in the last weeks. My brothers were here again yesterday and it was clear that he did not remember the last time they were here.

So now I just sit here and stare the screen. It is really, really hard to work right now. I guess the grey sky does not help. I wish it was weekend soon!


2 responses to “Grey sky

  1. I’m glad to hear your father is continuing to improve. Couldn’t the lapse in memory be due to the medication? I hope that is it.

    One more day, and the weekend is here. Do you have anything planned?

  2. No, no plans. But at home I can at least keep doing something to keep my mind off things. And do not have to get up in the morning!

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