What is a yes and what is a no?

Yeah, well, not much has happened with my dad. Still in the hospital. Still better physically. Still not talking much.

Now that we got that out of the way, I want to talk a bit about Finnish Big Brother I told you I am watching. Last Thursday they had a party after a successful week. A new person had entered the house on Sunday just after the eviction. So this was the first time she got drunk in the house.

One of the men in the house is really good looking, and many people were expecting him to get close to one woman, as some signs had been in the air. I remember watching the live feed that evening and saw this pretty boy kissing the new woman. WTF? He was supposed to be kissing the other girl! But the kissing went on and on and on. Unfortunately I had to go to sleep, so I did not see how things developed. Damn work getting in the way of my addiction!

In the morning I checked the Finnish BB board for news. And what do I see? Dozens of threads screaming that Mika has to be removed from the house immediately. Apparently Sorella had ended in the double bed with Mika in the evening. She had fallen asleep but he had still tried to get a bit further than kissing. At some point he tried to pull her pants down, but did not succeed. Shortly after that BB ordered him to the diary room and told him to sleep in another bed. The video can be found online, but I’m not linking it here. You can use video.google.com to look for it if you really want to see it.

But it seems that people see this really differently. Some say she is also responsible because she was all over him before falling asleep. Some are sending him straight to jail, do not pass go. I think the truth lies somewhere between these extremes. Sure, he should have quit when he noticed she was sleeping. Kissing and coming to sleep in the same bed does not mean he can do whatever he wants. But in the end nothing much happened. The pants never came off. Of course he should be punished for what he did, but if that is enough to send you to jail then most men should be there then. Hell, I could have sent a few to jail myself! It’s not a nice feeling to wake up with someone’s hand in your pants when you went to bed all alone. It is rather scary to tell you the truth.

So no we all wait for BB to come up with a suitable punishment. It’s not really fun to wait this long, but I’m assuming they are trying to figure out how serious it was. Why is it taking so many days – one can only wonder!


2 responses to “What is a yes and what is a no?

  1. Nothing like a TV addiction to help you through a rough time.
    I’m sorry to hear the family crisis isn’t behind you yet.

    That big brother sounds pretty explosive. How dumb to attempt date rape on live television. Come on!

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