I'm pulling my hair out

My mom has been messing things up in her head. Again. And it’s getting old really, really fast. The last post was written after she had basically told me something like that the doctor had told her that my father’s kidneys are not functioning and something about how they do not do kidney transplants when the patient is so old. What kind of an conclusion would you make from that? It is impossible to live for a long time without at least one functioning kidney. And he did not look too hot, either. Just laying on the bed, barely opening his eyes and did not seem to recognize you when you stood by the bed.

But then my brother’s came to visit and I took them to the hospital. They wanted to know how things are, so they wanted to talk to a nurse. So his nurse came and started explaining things to us. My dad has had… well, whatever it is called in English, but the direct translation is lung fever. But he is recovering from it. And then she told us that his kidney function is getting better, too. So he is actually getting better rather than worse. It’s still a long way to go, but in a month or so he might be getting home. And I was already compeletely sure that would not happen.

So, what is the lesson learned from this? 1) I can not trust anything my mom says anymore. Most of it is false. 2) You can not tell how well/bad someone is doing just by looking at him. 3)  It’s really hard to look at your parent in a hospital bed where he suddenly looks… well, in this case as old as he is. 4) Always ask for the information yourself. See #1.


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