Things seem too be going downhill. It does seem that my mom is overly optimistic and refuses to hear what the medical professionals are saying. My dad is worse. Much worse. The fact that he got transfered to the smaller hospital closer to home might not be an indication of being better but being beyond help. But I haven’t spoken to the staff myself so I’m not completely sure. I will have to do that soon. Why? Because I have two half-brothers who have the same dad. And they are hearing the news from my mom, too. So I’m afraid they do not understand how bad the situation is. Both of them are quite far at the moment, one of them not even in the country. I’m afraid that my dad dies before they manage to get here because my mom refuses to accept the fact that it is happening. But I need the facts before I start calling them and making them cancel their vacation if they can still come later. I have to take control of the situation now. It is becoming panifully clear that my mom can’t do that anymore.

Oh, and please do check the blog in the sidebar even though the thumbnail is missing. It’s a nice blog by an adoptive mom!

I’m sorry if this post made little or no sense. I cannot think very clearly these days!

ETA: Fucking shit again. My mom messed up things in her head once more. My other brother is still in the country, he is about to leave in a week or so. He just called me. And I told him that coming to see dad would be best done sooner rather than later.


3 responses to “Shit.

  1. Ankaisa,

    I am so sorry that this is happening. That you have to take charge of the situation. But you are so strong. You will manage, and at the same time comfort your mother.

    Good luck is the wrong thing to wish, but I hope you know what I wish you, a lot of strength and courage. I hope also your dad isn’t going to suffer to bad.



  2. I’m so very sorry that you’re having to deal with all of this. It really is so very much, and while I’m sure it won’t be easy, I’m also sure that you’ll do an incredible job taking control. Thinking of you and your family.

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