Every breath you take

Yeah. I still breathe. So does my dad. Barely. We went to see him on Saturday once again, and he seemed a bit better but a fucking long way from being OK. You could see his every breath. You could see it was not so easy. He still looked so old. So really, really old.

I was relieved to see they had put IV fluids dripping in. That’s what came to my mind the other night when I connected the dots – water in lungs, kidneys not working properly. What does this remind you of? Why yes, OHSS! And the treatment of OHSS is (drum roll): drink lots of water, if getting worse go to the hospital for IV fluids. I knew that all this IF med school of Google has not been in vain!

I really do not know how bad/good he really is. My only information source is my mom, but if you have been reading you know that she is far from being reliable these days. Far, far from being reliable. She is in he hospital now and she’s hoping to catch a doctor to talk to. I just hope whatever information she can get is passed to me at least relatively correctly. One can always hope… Of course I could call myself, but I really do not want to.

Why is it that always when my life starts to look somewhat bearable shit happens and all bets are off?? What does the universe have against me?? And why does it seem that everything happens at once? Oh, the house has been sold. It must be empty by the end of October. Now I have to start worrying about my mom’s ability to find a new place to live. Of course I’m still hoping my dad will join her there, but it seems likely that it’s not happening before the end of October. Well, I will not be having any problems in spending my free time now… 35 years worth of stuff to go through in two months.

And even that’s not it all; there is the ongoing lack of money. Which just seems like a swell time for all your household appliances to break. I think I’ve told that my computer is acting up. Well, it’s no longer just acting up, it’s completely unusable. It will not stay up long enough to do anything. So it has to be replaced. And that’s not cheap. But I can not imagine life completely without, so I’ll use my credit card and worry about the payments tomorrow. There is always tomorrow.


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