Maybe I can start breathing again

This has not bee a good week. I’m almost afraid to write this because the universe might be eavesdropping, but things just might turn out all right after all. I did not make a post yesterday, but it was the worst day of it all.

We went to see my dad on Wednesday evening, and he was not well. In fact he was really, really unwell. We stayed there maybe a half an hour, and he barely said ten words during that time. We spoke to a nurse that said that his… well, whatever it is called in English, but it’s a measure of infection – was something like 145. When it should be under 10. Holy shit! Then she proceeded to tell us that they are giving him IV antibiotics twice a day. They could usually give it three times a day, but – well, once again whatever it is in English – another blood test that tells how well your kidneys function was showing that there might be a problem. Sorry that I’m too lazy to look up the definitions in English – I’m a walking dictionary for anything IF related, but know very little about anything else! So I was a total mess when I got back home. I was so sure he would not be going home from the hospital anymore.

Then yesterday I was walking outside and heard the church bells. Here it is a custom to ring them when someone dies. And if I’m not mistaken, the amount of rings should be the age of the deceased. So I was listening to the bell ringing, but lost count at some point. But I spent a lot of time convincing myself that it had not been ringing long enough. I was afraid of the phone ringing. I was expecting the phone to ring. It did not. I somehow managed to get through the day. When I got home I asked if my mom had called. The phone indicated that she actually had, but nobody had answered it. So I called back. The “infection count” had finally gone down. The antibiotics are finally kicking in. It’s not over yet, but one can hope that the worst could be over. But then again it might not.

We will be going there again tomorrow, and then my mom will stay at our place for a meal and sauna. I think she has never been to our sauna, and we have lived in this house for seven years now. I just hope she can climb the stairs, as they are quite high.

And the house thing seems to be going ahead, too. My mom is going to get a paper for my dad to sign tomorrow so that she can sell the house. And then there will be until the end of October to clear it. And that’s quite a different story – going from five rooms and garage to two room apartment is not going to be easy. There will be loads of stuff to get rid of!




5 responses to “Maybe I can start breathing again

  1. I’ve been following your posts about your mom and dad, and how he is so sick. I just wanted to say that I hope he gets well soon. I don’t begin to know what it is like to lose a parent, but just make sure you can spend as much time as you can, and remember all the good times. Keep up the faith, you just never know with all the medical technology they have here, he may turn around soon!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I know its hard to see your dad liek that. I went through. My dad spent last October in the hospital almost completly knocked out. We think it was a medication reaction but we can’t prove anything.

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