There is a new blog occupying the sidebar for the next week. And she has made some great templates, too!

But I know that can be a subjective view of things. I mean what looks good and what does not. I think that should be obvious to anyone that has been surfing any blogs. Sure, the standard templates are not something you would usually call pretty, but you can still read the content without being too pissed about the way it looks.

I admit that almost always anything more than a standard template is better than the original. Almost. Sometimes the result is something that just makes me close the window before even looking at the content. Usually these are sites for someone that likes to so it yourself.

But not always. I am fully aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it still beats me why someone would pay for a design that hurts my eyes. I can spot the work of one designer almost immediately. And I hate every single one of them. But people keep buying those, so I must be wrong. I must be. But it still hurts my eyes. And I do not want to know what is in the page, all I can think about is getting the hell out of there!!


5 responses to “Beauty?

  1. At least when you use a standard template, it works in most common browsers. I seem to have run into trouble with my homebrew template.
    Darn that IE!

    I have no idea where to start looking for the hidden pic. 😦

  2. Here from Dutch blog for C&C Monday. I have a real problem with templates. I finally learned to check them out in IE as well as FireFox. There are two other browsers, Netscape and Opera; but, hey, you can only do so much.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Jen, your template does not hurt my eyes! Believe me, if it did I would never have taken you as my renter. Well, I knew that this is what would happen if I did not name the person who’s templates I dislike. Trying not to hurt one person’s feelings leads into hurting lots of others. If in doubt, email me privately ankaisa at gmail dot com and I’ll tell you who it is!!

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