The one I had

maxi_webI promised you photos, so I might as well get started with it, right? This picture is here to show you that if I might end up taking a puppy it would not be my first dog ever. This was my first dog. I grew up begging for a dog but did not get one until I was sixteen or so. And I think I got it because I was really, really, really depressed at the time. I do not want to dwell in that memory, so I’m not telling the story unless somebody really wants to hear it. But I got the dog, and it was a great dog. It has been dead for several years now, but I still remember him.


4 responses to “The one I had

  1. He was a beautiful dog .. thank you for sharing! I find when I am starting to feel depressed I seek out the company of my dog more often than I will human friends simply because I know he loves me unconditionally.

    Cheers from Toronto!

  2. How beautiful! And what a coincedence. My own first dog was at 16, a Samoyed I called Nicolai. My therapist had recommended to my parents that a dog would help me cope with problems I was having. My Nicolai is long gone, but he’s still in my heart.

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