I bit my tongue

Sometimes I feel bad about the blogs I come across in BlogExplosion. I mean IF blogs. Many times they seem to be lacking in support, or seem to be getting the wrong kind of “support”. Just now I surfed to this blog and read the comments on the last post. It just about set me off. There is someone claiming to be a nurse practitioner giving the “just relax” comment everybody just looooves to hear. It just makes me wonder what are they teaching them these days, but I’m guessing it’s not sensitivity. I wanted to scream. I wanted to leave a bitter comment. Instead I’m blogging about it here.

That’s why I try to include them to my list. So that they can connect with those who understand. Because this is a world you can never understand unless you have been here.  



5 responses to “I bit my tongue

  1. That’s such a confusing blog! 5 writers? How do you keep track of who is doing what?
    Kind of defeats the purpose of having a blog, no?

    Relax?! For goodness sake. If you wouldn’t say it to a cancer patient, chances are you shouldn’t say it to an IF patient.

  2. Ankaisa–

    Thank you for your post… It was an irritating comment, yes, but I have had much worse. Some that have made me feel very sad.

    Soralis– Thank you.

    Ann– Agreed.

    Lut– I am the primary contributor to my site. The other 4 women are members and write at their own free will. I have been trying to figure out a way to differentiate their writings, but need to contact my site designer.

    I totally agree about your cancer comment.

    I just want to say thank you for thinking enough of my site to write about it.

    Babydust to all


  3. Hi there, new to the blog. I’m a probably infertile gal (not sure yet) who adopted a 9 (now 10) year old from foster care. I’m adding you to my list. 🙂

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