What I want

Well, again I have another blog in my sidebar. This time I based my selection mostly on looks, because my blog look so boring… But I’m working on it, stay tuned! And I’m feeling sorry that I turned down this blog, that has amazing pictures in it. So I will be posting some (if I can find the time to scan them) in the next week anyway!
This week’s blog belongs to Tracie, who’s DD just turned three! And it reminded me that yet another birthday is not too far away. In a bit over a month I will have a six year old in my house. I can’t believe it! Somebody stop the clock, he is growing too fast!

Which is why I have been wanting a puppy for some time now. I want a puppy. DS wants a puppy. DH, as usual, does not say anything so I do not know if he wants a puppy or not. Well, he might be surprised to find me coming home with a puppy one of these days! If I can just come up with the money… It’s not that cheap if you want a one with papers and not one where nobody knows who the father is or even what breed the mother is! I so really, really want one of these:



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