Cute? Not if you ask me!

I went to PostSecret today, and saw this pic as the first one posted there for now. I think this must be written by an infertile. Why else would you be sad and angry of pics in a frame? Btu I can understand how seeing pics of somebody else’s kids when you would think that people have the common sense to remove them before taking them to be sold in a thrift store.

It’s really amazing how little some people think before doing things. Maybe somebody thinks that having a pic of a cute kid in a picture frame will help it sell. Um, yeah, maybe not. Of course you think your kid is the most adorable ever, but I’m quite sure there are a lot of people who think otherwise.

I must have some kind of a defect. I’ve never found other people’s kids cute or adorable or anything. So when others admire the wrinkled face of a newborn I usually shut up. I’m not stupid enough to tell a mother that her baby looks like an old wrinkled man. Actually I was really afraid that I would think that my baby looks ugly to me. Luckily he looked perfectly OK to me, even cute.

Maybe that is why I have never even really considered adoption. I can not see me loving somebody else’s child. I suppose I could unless I find the child ugly. And with ugly I mean something I do not find pretty. Many of the babies that are said to be soooooo beautiful by the media are really ugly to me. I must be missing a gene or something, as I never really thought myself as being a mom. I still do not know what to do with other people’s kids.

And now that DS is as old as he is, there will be other people’s kids visiting him from time to time. And I have no idea how to handle them. What if I let them do something that is strictly forbidden in his own home? But I do not want to give in to everything, and what if the parents do not like that? Aaaaargh, someone should have reminded me that I’ll have to deal with friends at some point. Maybe I should have thought about this “having a baby” thing a bit longer. Let’s see, we only tried on our own for little over two years, and then it took us over half a year after that to get pg with DS. Hmmm. So maybe I had enough time to think about it. But somebody should have warned me!!


4 responses to “Cute? Not if you ask me!

  1. I have had 3 children. My two older ones where both born on their due dates and neither one were “cute and adorable” as a newborn. I have never really seen any newborn that was C & A. I don’t think babies begin to develop their cuteness until they are about 6-9 months old. Then we can take on the baby picture wars.

  2. Aww those puppies are sooo cute! I want a puppy too, but the hubs is a “big dog” kind of guy (a lab or golden retriever), and until we either live in the country or have a backyard big enough for one of these, he’s refusing to get one. 😦

  3. I had to smile over your adoption comment. We treid for two years and then three years of treatments before we adopted. I was positive I would get a toad–a face only a mother could love. BUt when my baby was born, even before he was my baby, he was so beautiful to me. He is genuinely a cutie, but I was amazed how quickly, how instantly he became mine and I became his. He wasn’t ‘someone else’s child.’ He was mine.

    All the fear was gone–abouy wondering if I could love a child I didn’t give birth to. One look, one touch and he won me completely.

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