Why were there no computers when I was a kid?

Warning! This is one those mommy posts. Nothing else to see here. So if you do not feel comfortable reading this now, please stop reading.

I think I made a mistake when we bought Aveyond. Now all he wants to do is to play it. Unfortunately you must be able to read in order to play, and he can’t read even in Finnish, let alone English. But he loves the game. Luckily mom does too, or I would have quit helping him with it. I’ve always been drawn to this kind of games, where you get to explore new lands and can get rewards for completing missions. And can kill some monsters. Actually I have used it for therapy in the past, and it kind of helps.

But am I a bad mom for letting my almost six year old play this kind of a game? Yes, you are killing the monsters, but in my opinion it’s quite clean: you stand on the other side of the field and your opponent is on the other side of the field and they do not even touch each other during the battle, you just hit them from where you are. The good thing about the game is that he might even learn some patience. He wants to explore just new lands and never going to the places where we have already been. But a game like that does work that way! You have to keep going back to trigger new events. If you never go back you will never be able to complete the game. It’s not going too great just yet, but I’m working on it.

OK, time for some gushing: remember when I told you he is playing pesäpallo? Well, last time they had a game he won a prize! They always give prizes to two players on each team, and now he got one. I overheard how they talked before the game about how to give the prizes, do I know he got it because he has not gotten anything before. But then again, he has never had two runs in one match before, so I still think it was for a good reason! There are still others in the team that have never gotten anything.


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