Bellies, bellies everywhere

I’m sorry I do not post more often, but I can not figure out anything interesting to write about. What exactly do you write about in the absence of endless doctor visits, drug induced menopause, sticking needles in my stomach and all that fun?

Of course I could start gushing over how my little baby (who is going to be six very soon) did this and did that – but I do not want to go that way. But in order to find at least something to write there most likely will be posts about DS in the future. I’ll try to warn you beforehand if I do it, because I know how hard something like that is to read on a bad day. I still remember.

I do not think it will ever go totally away. I still feel the sting when I hear about a pregnancy of someone that had no trouble getting pg. I belong to an email list because if that bag thing, as it’s the main information channel for everything. But it seems that inevitably there is someone announcing yet another pregnancy every few weeks – or at least that is what it seems. And maybe I’m a bad person or something, but I can not bring myself to add to the list of congratulatory emails that always follows. Yeah, you had a roll in the hay and now you are pregnant, so what? Do not bug me with it. If there only was a way to filter those emails before I read them, but things just don’t work that way in the fertile world.

And I can’t look at visibly pregnant women. I just can’t. It hurts too much. Luckily I do not see lots of them. Not like when you are cycling, then you see them everywhere. Yeah, just when it hurts the most. I can look at kids and it does not hurt nearly that much. It really does not. At least when I manage not to think about how I could have a child the same age if IVF #n had succeeded.

But other than that, my life is really boring. Not much to write about.


One response to “Bellies, bellies everywhere

  1. I am with you on the belly thing… I just can’t look either, besides if I did the person would probably think I was nuts because I would have that ‘I’m and IF look”… you know the one, the longing, the sadness etc.

    I keep telling my husband that there seems to be more and more PG people around. I asked him if he noticed. It’s like everyone is PG around here. He thought I was crazy, but then I heard that the province that I live in is having a huge boom right now so I am not actually crazy, there are PG woman EVERYWHERE…ugg!

    Take care and enjoy your little one, they grow way to fast don’t they!

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