And now, the courtesy of cheap Swedish strong cider: you get to enjoy another drunken post!! For some reason the 7 % cider is a lot cheaper in the Systembolaget that it is in Alko… But now I have plenty of cider thanks to our trip to Haparanda!

Hey, a couple of things I want to write about tonight – do you remember Useless Men? They just recently answered a question of mine! And if you can guess which one is mine, I’ll think of a reward!!

The other thing is that I’m planning on taking a picture for 25 peeps. What kind of a pic should I have there? One of my HUGE boobs (if you read back long enough, this is not kidding)? Some other body part? If someone can hang there for a loooong time with a pic of his butt….


3 responses to “aghfotheirhsw

  1. I submitted a pic to 25 Peeps and honestly, I dont get.

    People cant vote on you until you’re in the 25, right?

    But how do you get in the top 25 if no one has voted on you?

    And they give you an ID but it doesnt link to your pic- just the top 25.

    My brain hurts:(

    Thanks for the bid on my blog. I had to go with someone else this week but I hope you will still comment and bid again soon!:)

  2. Well, I think it works that way that few new blogs are added to the 25 each day and they push the least popular blog out. But for some reason this has not happened for a few days, I think it’s been 3 days since any new blogs have been added. I’m guessing it’s being done by hand, so my guess is that whoever is keeping the site is on vacation 🙂

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