Going to cross the border (barely)

I know I said that my vacation is over, but I’m going away for a few more days. Well, only two, but anyway. I have been working late sometimes, so now I can enjoy a couple more days off. Probably I should just stay home, but we are going on a shopping trip. Even though these days to do not buy a shitload of margarine like in the good old days, there still are some things that are cheaper in Sweden than in Finland. So we are going to drive upwards this time and visit Haparanda. Wow, I do not think I’ve been there since the days of cheap margarine and playing cards…

We are going to spend one night somewhere up there, but we have no reservation. It’s not how I really like to travel, but I have been talked into it by DH. I just hope we do not end up in some shitty small cabin with no water or electricity – not to mention a bathroom! Or end up paying too much for a suite at a hotel if that’s all that is available. What I want is a nice room that is not too expensive. I could book on from here, but we agreed that I won’t do that. Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Going to cross the border (barely)

  1. No, Haparanda is below the Polar Circle. You still have to drive upwards if you want to cross it. So we’re back. In one piece. Thinking about going again sometime soon 🙂

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