In a land far, far away…

Why is it that all the fun always seems to be happening to other people? Why do I not have the courage to ditch everything, pack my bags and go on a trip around the world?

Well, because I do lack the funds to do so, and I’m not so sure if DS would love it as much as I do. I love travelling! I have not been anywhere for such a long time that I feel like screaming. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been, see new places! We are going to Helsinki the next weekend, and that is about as far as we have money to go. But I’ve been there so many times before! Too many! I want more.

If I did suddenly get rich the first thing would be to book a holiday somewhere far away. Then I would visit my only real life friend who unfortunately lives in Vancouver for now. I’m still hoping she will come back in two years, but it’s a long time. I just got email from her and it made me so envious. I want to move abroad for a few years, too! But it’s not really feasible right now. And I’m quite sure I could not talk DH into it. Blah.

So I’m stuck with the next best alternative: watching someone else do it. These girls are going around the world. I only wish I could do the same…


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