Rainy day

Well, it had end one day! It has been raining today, and it’s net really warm even after it stopped. So now I have time to be inside and work on all those projects I was going to do on my vacation but that’s not likely to happen. So I am here blogging about nothing! Ain’t it interesting!

Oh, there is one thing I could tell you about: see that pretty thumbnail in the sidebar? I actually managed to not screw up the rental too much this time! Wait- stop the press – can somebody tell me what happened???? I accepted the bid last night but now it seems like the offer is still running?? And I can’t accept it again! What can I do? Why are things so screwed up? The thumbnail looks ok, but for some reason it does not show as a running campaign in my rent page! WTF.
Ah. But the messed up closets are really screaming my name, so I have to and see if I can actually get something done. Why is it that I have to line up so many things to do on my vacation that I never get to finnish even half of them???


2 responses to “Rainy day

  1. Hope you enjoy your vacation… and you never finish half of your projects because it’s a vacation and you aren’t supposed to! 🙂

    Take care

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