This is all about my baby. If you think that it will not be something you’d like to read today, please skip the rest of this post.

I have never really thought how much of an effect I have on my son’s future. I make decisions on his behalf that could have a really determine his future. I’m talking about sports.

How do I know what he is best in? I just keep taking him to the practises that fit our schedule the best. Last fall I was going to take him to wrestling, but the practise time was at the same time as his musical playgroup. And since he has been going there for years now I was not going to take him off that to try something that might or might not work out. Instead we went to a mommy-kid group and he loved it. But maybe he could have won the gold medal in Olympics if he had started wrestling. Most likely that would not have been the case, but now I never know.

And this spring I was looking for something to do for him for the summer so that he will not get too bored. We went to a football practise once, but that lasted about ten minutes. In that time he was pushed so that he was on the ground several times. But what ended it was the hit his head together with another boy and started crying. By that time we had seen enough. It was not a practise; it was a bunch of boys running around in a space too small without any real guidance. So we never went back. Would he have been the one player that helps Finland at least make it to the World Cup? We’ll never know that now.

But I was determined to find him something to do, so one day when I was taking to others at the coffee table at work I found out when the next pesäpallo practise would be. Never heard of it? I’m not surprised. It was developed here in Finland and is not really played anywhere else. It is somewhat similar to baseball, but there are differences. But we went there. And he liked it. So that is our hobby for this summer. Will he ever be good at it? I do not know. All I know that he’s not really good at it yet. But if he keeps playing he might get better. And he is not completely hopeless! He actually made one run in their first official game against another team. But that was only because the pitcher threw an invalid pitch and he could walk to the first base. He does not hit the ball just yet.

How do I know what he is best at? Could he be the best of the world in something but he’s not getting the chance because his stupid mom “chose” the wrong sport? It all seems so random. It all is so random!


3 responses to “Sporting

  1. I never really thought about activities that way before? I figure as long as they are happy and enjoying themselves any activity is a good thing??

    Take care and thanks for giving me something to ponder!

  2. Being a girl, I really only did horse riding when I was a kid, but that’s all I wanted to do, and really what mom could afford. Ultimately, though, I developed my own interests, as will your son. It’s great that you’re giving him a wide range of things to do, though, cuz you never know what’s going to stick!

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