The unthinkable has happened. Lordi actually made it to the finals in Eurovision. This is the first time Finland has been able to make it to the actual competition after the semi finals were introduced. I guess it does pay off to be different. And if nothing else, the performance is different from any others. I actually watched some a little of it yesterday (which means I’m yawning here at work).

Of course you have no idea how well Lordi actually did, it could have been that we just barely made it. They did not tell who got the most or least votes, just ripped the envelopes open on by one. But I’m not complaining. On question though: are you allowed to vote for your own country now?? I seem to remember it was not possible back when I still used to watch this cheese, but yesterday they showed numbers to vote for Finland. I’m confused. And is it still so, that each participating country has a certain amount of points to give away and they are then given according how many votes each song gets in each country?

Yeah, just shows how out of it I really am. I quit watching years ago when the phone voting began. Then it became so obvious that songs had nothing to do with how high you can climb. I do seem to remember it was just then that the transvestite who could not sing to save his/her life won. I don’t give a rat’s ass how you decide to dress, but this is a freaking song competition. If you really, really can not sing in tune you should not be able to win. But this time it might actually work to our advantage. This is not saying I think that our song is bad, it is actually quite good. I like to listen to it even if I do not see it. But there’s no denying that the pyrotechnics are impressive. And expensive! But I do not dare to hope. There still isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Finland could win. No. No way. If we have never in 40 years made it any higher than sixth, we will not make it this year. But wouldn’t it be nice if Hard Rock Hallelujah made it in the top ten – we could send something horrible the next year straigth to the final!! Please vote!


One response to “Hallelujah!

  1. oh, how I’m missing Eurovision and it’s delightful entertainment! I wish I could see lordi, but the streaming connection sucks. At least I’ll be able to download it on easynews in the next couple of days, hear what the hoopla’s about.


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