I just deleted one blog from my reading list. And this got me thinking about how there are some things that are just unforgivable and result in immediate deletion from my reading list. Feel free to tell me what are yours! And remember, these are blogs that have made it to my reading list in the first place, many never make it even that far! So there has been something in the blog that made me stay and read and like what I’ve been reading. And please do remember that this is jut what pushes my buttons, I’m quite well aware that yours are most likely different.

1)  Mock Clay. This is what the blog that got deleted did. I seem to be very sensitive about this, it’s one strike and you’re out. But then again, if you have been reading long enough you already know he’s my favourite artist. I just don’t get it why people keep attacking him, because it’s really not like he’s actually done anything to deserve the hate. At least to me it just seems that he gets picked on because he does not look like your average rock star. Why the hate??

2)  Talk about politics too much. This is usually not a problem, as those blogs usually never make it to my reading list. Especially if you are extremely right wing. Well, I have been talking about this earlier, so I’m not going to repeat it here. Oh, and being really anti-abortion. It’s really a funny paradox that infertiles all seem to be pro-choice. And then again it’s not.

3)  Be totally clueless about infertility/infertiles. This is not really a problem, as most of the blogs I read are written by infertiles. So they are not clueless. I’m not even pretending I’m reading all of them, as there are some that really do not fit well with me, but that’s my choice. There are few blogs I read that are written by people that are not infertile, and if I ever find out that they are clueless – buh bye!

So there is not that much. At least not when I stay in my comfort zone i.e. IF blogs. Sure, there are sometimes posts I do not agree with and might even be hurt a bit, but nothing unforgivable. Some days it is not wise to go to the “Successfully treated” page, but that’s not saying I’m erasing the list. But I want to create a nice bubble for me where I can be fairly certain I do not get hurt.


2 responses to “Unforgivable

  1. Hey it’s your blog you get to do what you want with your lists!

    P.S. I hope some day you only have a successfully treated list!!

    Take care

  2. Your lists, your rules. That’s what I say.

    I really only read infertility and cooking blogs. I suppose if a cooking blog started singing the praises of Rachel Ray I’d have a huge problem with that.

    I think I share a lot of political views with you and don’t like to read some of the other stuff. More like I just don’t want to know. I want to be able to support my sisters (and brothers) dealing with IF and that’s a lot easier if I just don’t go there. That’s why I use my bloglines. I’ll skim the post and just not bother with opening it/commenting.

    BTW, Clay is from my homestate! I

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