I wish I could take great photos

I’ve always wanted to take good looking photos. Remember when I told you about my summer job in Sweden? That’s when I bought me a good camera. Of course back then normal film cameras were the only ones available. I liked some of the photos I’ve managed to take with it. And now that my sidebar is featuring a blog with pictures that actually do look good, I’ve decided to dig some of them up and scan them.

But scanned pics always look a bit fuzzy. I really hope I get rich one day and can buy a really good digital camera. The bigger the better. The digital camera I have now sucks. Badly. You should know it, you have been subjected to many photos taken with it already.

But now I present this one, which is really old. I just took it one day and did not know how it turned out before I developed the film. What do you think? Do you want to see more or should I keep my picture archives shut? It’s always impossible to judge your own work. I think the best compliment was once when I showed some pics of the surroundings, and someone said that why do I never see scenery like this and I pass this exact spot every day!

Mask on a wall


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