Sidebar changes

The donation button is gone. Thanks to all of you who donated! I’ll be taking pics of the bag piles once I can locate my digital camera… Somehow it seems to have gotten lost in all the clothes and stuff that had taken over my house for the last two weeks. I’m actually looking forward to next weekend so that I can clean the place! Me, wanting to clean? I should really get my head examined. I’m glad it was just 75 bags. I can not even begin to understand how I managed to check 300 bags the last time. No idea.

The other thing that changed in the sidebar is that I deleted the blogrolls. It really seems redundant to keep a list there when all of those are listed on other pages of this blog. And surfing with BlogExplosion has taught me that too long sidebars are annoying. Maybe this will boost my chances with the blog battles… Or then I should get someone to make a kick-ass skin, which, of course, I can not afford. Ah. But removing the lists from the sidebar is nothing personal; you are all still linked from my site! And they can still be seen at if you want to.    Maybe I should just add a link to that into the sidebar.


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