What, a week has gone already??

So the rental place in the sidebar has changed once again! I’m beginning to think that a week is really a short time, as it seems it was just yesterday when I wrote about my last renter. But, now there is a new blog featured in the sidebar! This time I chose quickly so that not too many people would bid and then get disappointed. It’s really not fun to get turned down so often, so I’ve pretty much given up trying to get a spot on somebody’s blog.

But as it seems that there are more people wanting to rent than there are offering rental spaces, I’ll keep renting the spot. This week the rental space belongs to a woman from Alaska. I’ve wanted to visit Alaska ever since watching Northern Exposure. It seems that there are some similarities between Alaska and Finland. I especially remember two scenes. One was where Joey can not sleep because it is so light at night. I’ve heard that it can happen here, too. I can sleep just fine, but then again I’m used to it. The other one is when they are sitting in a sauna and saying there is something wrong with it, but it would have to be shipped to Finland in order to get repaired. So now I’m renting my space to someone from Alaska, so it’s kind of a same thing, no?


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