Just a quickie

Second collection day over. This time the number was quite a lot more than three, but I did not count the actual number of bags. I’ve been through a few and it looks like it will be hard work to get them right. It’s a funny thing how some people think that clothes with several holes are good enough for some poor russian kid! Oh yeah. And that stash of actual bags has been quite useful, too. It’s just frustrating that I do not have a stash of outdoor outfits, too, as those seem to be in sad condition in many of the bags. I think that is going to be the limiting factor for the number of bags I can get together. Those are way too expensive to buy new, so I could go to a thrift store and see if I can find any, but I doubt I can find too many. Now I need to go to sleep. Sorry if I’ve made lots of spelling mistakes, it’s just past midnight…


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