Look, the sidebar!

Hey look, there is a new blog in my sidebar this week! This time I actually got 5 possible blogs to choose from, and the winner is “The 30 Year Old College Idiot” . This mom signs her posts with the name Angel and she just came back from a vacation.

I’m so sorry I could not take all of you as my new renters! It surely seems that the competition for the spaces is fierce, as I tried to get a spot of my own for quite a while. I was denied five times and my offer expired three times. I guess with the expirations the owner of the blog did not want to have my link on their site. So this really makes you want to just bid, bid, bid in the hopes of being accepted even once. Well, on the reasonably priced ones. No real money involved, but I do not want to waste my credits over nothing!


2 responses to “Look, the sidebar!

  1. …and to think I was one of those fools that denied you a spot on their blog. I can’t begin to apologise enough. 🙂 I hope that coming back to read your blog is okay–I’m sorry I didn’t welcome you with open arms before.

  2. Don’t feel bad! It’s just how it is: you get more than one taker and you just have to choose. At least you chose someone to occupy the space, what I really do not understand are those who let the offer expire and not take anyone. Why put your blog up for renting if you are not willing to take someone??

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