Easter witches and renting your blog

I could just have made a comment to the last post, but those are kinda invisible, so I’ll just go ahead and do another post.

So, as you can see from the pic in my last post, the kids just put a scarf on their head and draw some spots on their face, too. Then they take a bunch of willow twigs that have those small white catkins on them and tape some feathers or other colourful things to them. And that’s what you will find knocking on your door next Saturday! This is really a mixture of two traditions, one of them pagan (the witch) and one Orthodox Christian (the twigs). When I was young the two were still separate, the twigs belonged to Palm Sunday when you would go to your neighbours and say a blessing while waving the twig and in the end you would get paid and you would give the twig. This is called “virpominen”, which really does not have a translation.

The witches really belong to the Easter Saturday when it was believed that all evil is on the loose. The witches were evil long time ago; they could come and hurt your cows. It was believed that on this day all witches fly to a place called Kyöpelinvuori where they would have their evil celebration. These witches that are called “trulli” here (not the exact translation of a witch, that would be noita) were paid because then they would leave your possessions alone.

These two have merged giving us the witches with twigs. It still seems a bit funny, as the other custom is about wishing other people well and the other is getting paid for not being evil… But these small witches take their decorated twigs and go from door to door giving away one twig at a time and getting candy or money in return in their coffee pots. In some parts of Finland this happens on Palm Sunday (originally the day for twigs) but here the day is Easter Saturday (originally the day for witches).


As I said, I’m new to this blog rental thing. But click on the link that says Rent my blog now! You will be taken to the site where the blog exchange takes place. It is basically just another way of directing more people to your site. You have to be a member of BlogExplosion. Registration is free, and all transactions all based on credits. Even those are not actual money, although somewhere between the lines you can read that one day they might be. You can earn credits by surfing other member’s blogs, or by renting a space in your blog one week at a time.

That’s all I really know, you have to go to the site and read more if you are interested. I just thought it seemed fun. I was just surprised that someone actually wanted a spot on my page – well, the asking price was not that high anyway. So it’s basically just about getting more traffic. What’s that good for then – well, I do not know. But it’s still fun!


P.S. I changed the name of the list page from “Still trying blogs” to “Are we there yet?” Who knows where that came from? And what do you think about it?


4 responses to “Easter witches and renting your blog

  1. I’m starting to get what the rent a blog idea is about. Smart.

    “Are we there yet” is a good title, captures the sense of urgency and impatience most of us feel.

    I’ve been thinking about separating the parenting blogs from the ‘called it quits’ blogs in my blog roll. I agree it is better, but I can’t figure out a title that isn’t utterly depressing.

  2. I agree…I like the “are we there yet?” better. In fact, I already changed it on my blog…look under “Written by others…”

    Have a great easter holiday!

  3. So nobody knows where “Are we there yet?” comes from. So I’ll tell you: Shrek 2! There is a really funny part where Shrek, Fiona and Donkey travel to Far Far Away. Donkey keeps asking “Are we there yet?” over and over again, getting more and more annoyed “NO!!!” from Fiona and Shrek as the journey goes on.

    I tried to look for the clip somewhere in the net to show it to you, but I had no luck. Most likely I did know where to look!

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