Waiting for spring

Isn’t it supposed to be spring already? It has been raining snow like mad here. It’s almost Easter and there is a lot of snow. Of course I know that Easter is not on a set date every year but can be anywhere from late March to end of April and I know what the formula for deciding is, but usually we can see the ground on Easter.

Lotsa Snow

Here it is customary to burn bonfires on Easter Saturday to scare all the evil witches away. It’s not even a Finnish custom; it’s more of a really local custom in a relatively small area. But the air will be thick with smoke again. And on the same day there will be a lot of small witches going around asking for candy. I have asked DS if he wants to go and he says he does. I’m not so sure, as he most likely will just get the candy and not eat it. Yeah, funny kid, he does not eat a lot of candy. I remember when I was a kid and it was such a big thing when you got to eat all that candy.

Easter WitchBonfire

But Easter also means that I should clean the house. Well, I’m not much of a cleaner as I’ve said before. And now I have all this homework to deal with, too. I had to return the first batch today, and believe me, it did not go well. Now I’m just hoping that they give you points for at least trying, because that’s all I managed to do. I hate higher math. I hate it. Hate.

And look—> I’ve rented my blog for a week! Please click the thumbnail in the sidebar. This is my first time, so I want to show that there actually are people reading my blog. Please!


3 responses to “Waiting for spring

  1. The idea of bonfires sounds really cool. Do the kids dress up as witches or just go door to door?

    Sorry the homework was such a bear. I’m sure that trying counts a lot.

  2. Spring is late this year. It’s way too cold for the time of year.

    The bonfire tradition looks fun. Bonfires are so nice to watch.

    I don’t really get the blog renting thing. Is it another way to direct traffict somewhere?

  3. Yes please explain the blog renting…I don’t get it either!

    here spring is not really in sight either, but at least the snow has melted…..the bonfire sounds wonderful (and warm). It is a tradition even in some parts of my home country.

    Take care!


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