Me and mr. Maxwell

Why do I always try to ten things at once? I never learn. The only good thing is that at least I’m not trying to do an IVF at the same time. Now I decided to finally do something about my studies that have really been neglected lately. Yeah. So I choose a course that is filled with higher mathematics which I tried to learn something like 15 years ago. Guess how much has been forgotten by now. Yeah, most of it. I can just barely remember that those methods exist, but I have no idea how to do them. Fuck.You.Maxwell.

And now I should do some exercises where I have to do the math. Or use Matlab, which I do not have and could not use even if I had it. I’m screwed. Why do I never look before I commit to things like this?

And the panic is rising. Next Saturday is the first day for my bag collection. I’m afraid that there will be hundreds of bags and I do not have enough time to check them. Or that I’m not getting any because I have decided not to really advertise it anywhere. So if anyone wants to bring me a bag they have to check it from the net (sorry, site in Finnish). And as I’ve said many times, we live in the middle of nowhere and not everyone even knows how to use a computer. But I can not back out of it now. I’ve promised I’ll do it, so I will. So there will be no free time during the month of April. But I’ll try to post here from time to time to tell you what kind of horrible things I’ve found from the bags. I’m sure there will be plenty.


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