Spam. How I hate it!! Are there really still people stupid enough to fall prey to them? And I’m not talking about email spam, there is blog spam and board spam these days too.

My email filters are quite good at work, I’m assuming the server blocks most of the trash before it even reaches my inbox. But I do not want to use that address here, as it has my real name in it as – and you know I like to remain anonymous in this blog. So I have been using yahoo mail, but that is really no good anymore. Sure, they have filters for spam, but it seems that most of it gets delivered to the bulk folder and not cut before I have to deal with it. And the filter has been unreliable; it puts perfectly legit mails in the bulk folder so I always have to check it before deleting. So now I’m using the email that comes with the site ( I can not tell yet if it’s a spam magnet or not, as the address has been out there only a short while now, and I have not received anything there just yet. But if it seems like it’s collecting more junk than real things I’ll ditch it, too.

And I hate it when I find those spam comments trying to enter my blog. They are not getting through because nobody can post a comment without approval on this site. But just today I deleted 19 spam comments from the same place. What are they trying to accomplish with those?? Sure, some of them seem like real comments at first glance, but they say something really vague like I read your blog and found it interesting or something like that. I have no way of telling if those comments are actually real or just clever spam, so they are not getting through. If you comment and want it to show up, you need to say something that I can clearly tell that you actually read the entry you are commenting on! This seems like a quite new phenomenon, as when I was still posting at blogspot I never got that many spam comments. But when I left it up after not posting there anymore they started coming in. When I went there for the first time in months, there were tens of comments on my last post that basically just said that blogspot is history. All spam. So even though I no longer post there, I had to put the word verification on.

And even that is not the end of it. Another lately neglected place is the board I’m trying to keep. It has been really slow, and I do not know if anyone actually goes there anymore. I had been sloppy administering it and suddenly noticed that there were almost 250 registered users. If you clicked on the link you could see why! I had never known the spammers register as users, too… It has taken me a lot of time to clean up those spam users. None of them ever posted anything, just registered and did nothing after that. What’s the point anyway? The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to hide amongst other users and if someone looks at their profile they will click on the site mentioned and not think it through. Luckily this caught my attention, and now it is not possible to register without word verification and approval from me.

So yeah, I’m pissed. Why is it so hard to get anything done to these people?? I’d personally like to kill one or two right now!


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