Bits and pieces

I feel like I should post something, even though I do not have anything to say. So this will be a random collection of thoughts and such.

I had my one week vacation. But one week really is too short to really do anything. I did take DS riding for the first time and swimming in a spa, but that’s about it. But then again, choices are limited when you do not have enough money to travel anywhere, so all things must be within one day driving distance (there and back again). And once again I feel like I have a never-ending flu or something. I feel like my sinuses are full of something that just won’t come out. I can’t smell anything and have constant headaches.

And for some reason the swing has taken a turn for the worse again. I wish I knew why, but I don’t just like I did not know why it took a swing for the better a little while ago. Shit. So I might be hiding in my hole for a while and not posting so much. I just don’t feel like dumping it all out here once again, so I might be quiet. I know the upswing will come one day, I just have to hang on until then.


This is a fun site. You can upload your pictures and compare them to celebrities. I still haven’t tried it with my picture, as I do not really have that many pics of me lately – I actively try to avoid being photographed! You have to register to use it, but they do not want much information. I tried it with some pics I could find, and it is fun even if not exactly too accurate!


Soon it is time to start with the bags. On the other hand I’m exited and on the other I’m terrified. It’s going to consume every free minute I have, but it’s also so satisfying. I’ve bought more stuff, and I really should take some pics of them one of these days. I’m not getting much done lately…


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