I have kept my mouth shut about the Olympics, but maybe I can do one post now that it is all over. Finland did not get any gold medals. The last one escaped from us on the last day, when we lost the gold of ice hockey. And it’s not enough that we lost it, but we lost it to Sweden. Sure, it would have hurt to lose it to Canada or Russia, but Sweden… I did not have the stomach to watch it, as somehow I knew it would end badly. The only time I can remember that ended well was back in 1995 (den glider in!). Why is it that no matter how well the Finnish hockey team plays, they always manage to lose when they are against Sweden in the games that matter the most? Just one more question – where do they find these judges?? Shouldn’t one judging games at this level be somewhat good in what he does?

We also did not win gold in men’s curling. It would have been fun, but at least we lost to Canada. Besides, no-one ever expected them to do so well. I wish I could try curling once, as it seems quite interesting. And best of all: we won Sweden with 11-4! Oh yes! The curling team was happy about it, too – no matter how the tournament goes otherwise, as long as we win over Sweden.

I can’t say I watched the Olympics that much. The only other Finnish medal I can still remember is the first one – bronze in half pipe. And that is mostly because the winner’s home is not very far from here, so the papers have been full of him after the medal. I’ve never tried snow boarding, but I hear the half pipe he used to train in is a good one, and even that is not really a long way from here. Maybe I’ll go and take a look at the place in my upcoming vacation – just one week to go!


6 responses to “Olympics

  1. The last person you probably want a comment from is me…where I loudly celebrated Swedens victory on my blog. But for fairness I must say that it was a tough match and that the Swedes did not win easily (at all). Up to the last seconds I was sure that Finlad would equal out to 3-3, but not. So you have my sympathies…don’t be mad at me (I am not even Swedish).

    Hope you get over the hockey losss quickly to focus on the really important things in life!

    Take care!


  2. OK, so I had to look up all the medals Finland got:

    Silver: Matti Hautamäki, ski jump, Mikko Ronkainen, freestyle, ski jump team competition, Tanja Poutiainen, alpine skiing, men’s curling and men’s ice hockey

    Bronze: Markku Koski, half pipe, women’s cross country sprint team and nordic combined team

    And who knows, there is atill a very, very small possibility that the Swedish ice hockey team could be disqualified…

    And aboout my vacation – my incredible luck strikes again: I have a flu. Not the bird one, but it’s still enough to make my vacation that much less enjoyable. Blah.

  3. I hate watching sport on TV, except when my Aussie rules footy team is playing ( and winning). Snowboarding is quite hard to learn, but fantastic once you can do it. Hope your vacation is nice and peaceful.

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