My List

Whew! It’s not an easy job trying to find all IF blogs. Well, I never promised I’d find all of them – 88 and counting – and I feel I’ve just scratched the surface so far. But take a look and tell me who’s missing! For now there are only blogs of those still trying, I’ll try to make different pages on the pregnant and parenting ones – if I ever get this done. (Mission impossible playing on the backgound)


7 responses to “My List

  1. Wow! That is amazing!

    I am sufficiently impressed!

    I am going to link that on my blog, if you don’t mind.

    Pray tell, why is my blog left blank? Could you think of nothing nice to say? JUST kidding!!!

    “Perpetually not pregnant” would be good as a description of my blog….no, wait, that is being too negative….

    just leave it blank.

    I’ll think of other blogs for you when I get a chance, you’re doing an amazing job!!!!

  2. Julianna, I only looked for descriptions from the blog it refers to. Like most of those Blogspot blogs have a line or two below the actual title. Or some have an about box in the sidebar. If your description is blank, it means I could not find anything to use! Feel free to tell me what you would like me to add there!!

    And yes, of course you can link to it. That’s really the point – offering an alternative list.

  3. I looked at my blogroll and it seems that many of those who have considered themselves infertile (and I still don’t consider myself infertile, as I have managed to conceive twice) are well into healthy pregnancies. Others are real-life friends, or nuns, or those whose blogs I like to read! Others are single moms or lesbians trying to adopt or conceive through alternative means. So tread carefully.

    A few still waiting are: Odyssey to Conception, Our Journey Back from the Pain, The Dicky Cervix, Waiting for Baby Orange and When Eggs Go Bad.

    Another category is those of women (and men – see I Hate This Blog) who have lost their children at term. Some are pregnant again. Some are waiting. We’re all heartbroken. It never seems to end. And so we write, and that is why we’ll never have a truly complete list.

  4. Thanks, Lorem! I added those to my list – 127 and still counting. Maybe I should have thought a bit longer before tackling this task… or maybe the right music to dance to should be Neverending story!

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