Just another random Monday

This is just a post with some random thoughts. I was going to rant on the ART law again, but I’ve already said it all here so you can just go there and see what I think about it. The conversation around this subject still makes my blood boil. I read somebody’s opinion in the paper on Saturday, and I badly wanted to write back. But those morons would never get it anyway, so I shut up. And why are those always middle aged males?? And somebody please tell me why there has to be law on ART. Is there a law on plastic surgery? Cancer treatment? Any other treatment on the medical field?


Remember how I whined in my last post that I have been excluded from the list? I decided to do something instead of just whining. If I can’t get an email though or my site is not considered infertile enough anymore, I’ll have my own list. Ha. It has been quite fascinating really, clicking on the links and finding a lot of blogs I’ve never seen before. I’m going to post it as a new page once it’s completed enough in my mind. Let’s face it, it will never be perfect. There is no way I can find every IF blog that exists. I’m not even trying to fool myself that it could compete with the well known lists, but making it makes me feel a bit better anyway. Not getting much work done today…


Can anybody point me to a place where I could quickly learn how to make web pages? I can get something done, but it is far from pretty. Like this site. I’m trying to make at least somewhat professional looking page for our project, but I frankly do not know where to start. I know basic HTML will not get me far, but what is there then?? HELP!


I told you these were just random thoughts today. Just one question: Do you think that this blog is no longer interesting as I’m not actively pursuing treatment for now? Not that I got too many hits even then, but now I can write several posts that no-one comments.


2 responses to “Just another random Monday

  1. First, I think the Clay blog is fine. You can do fancier things, but it does help to get a writer like Dreamweaver or…um, heck I’d have to search for free webeditors. Mr Oro says that the best place to check is on tucows.com

    Secondly, I’ll read your blog no matter what! I think you’re an interesting person,a nd I I like reading about life in a country I’ve wanted to visit. So, write on!

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