Answer, part five where I talk about books

OK, so now one of those promised answer posts! This time I’m answering this one: What’s your favorite book?

How can I name just one book? There are so many. I hate to admit it, but I have not had much time to read anything lately. Any book that makes me want to read it all in one sitting is good enough for me. And let me say that there have been those books also that are just about as much fun as pulling a tooth.

What kind of books do I like then? Fantasy. I like books where there is at least some unknown element in them. I’ve read lots of books by Stephen King and liked them (but can’t watch the movies based on those books, too scary). I’ve read all the Harry Potters. I’ve read many books by David Eddings. And I’m still hoping there will be a new book by Jean Auel one day even if it’s 10 years from now. I’ve read that five part trilogy several times. Hell, I have even read my share of Harlequin novels. Even if I know the plot in advance – it really does not change so much from one book to another!

But I have to pick just one? A book that stands out from the rest of them? Then I must choose Sinuhe, the Egyptian. It’s a really, really good book. I first resisted reading it, as it’s considered a classic at least in this corner of the world. And, you know, classic = boring. Boy, was I wrong. I’m glad I was wrong. I really have to read it again…


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