Bagpile over a year ago

Pile of bags

Now that I figured how to post pics, here is another one! As I’m gearing up towards the next bag rush, I found this pic of the bagpile I had in my office the last time. This time I’m not going to take them in my office, as I never imagined I’d get that much bags. This is just one day’s worth of bags. All in all there were more than 300 bags!!

Hey, by the way, would you be more interested in donating a small amount of money if I told you that you could win something? I saw a lottery where you could win a quilt if you donated, but I just can’t find it anymore! But what would you be interested in? Something handmade? Something Finnish?


3 responses to “Bagpile over a year ago

  1. Do you have a PayPal account set up? I could donate a little money, and I bet others would too, if you had a PayPal link on your blog, like Julie at A Little Pregnant has for the quilt raffle. I could put a link to it, on my blog for you, too. Have people at least been putting the correct items in the bag, this year? GL!

  2. Thank you so much! I’ll be posting pics of the purchases here, so you can see what your money bought 🙂

    So I think I must assume that no raffle is desired? You can still comment on that. I guess I will want to give something back. I’ll probably figure it out before the end of April, when the bag collecting phase is over.

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