Answer, part four where I talk about colors

OK, are you ready for another one? This one might actually be a bit shorter one, but I’m not promising anything just yet. The question I’m going to answer this time is (drum roll) : What’s your favorite color?

Yes, you should think this one would be really short. But there are still no promises! OK, I’ll say it: Blue. Yes, my favorite color is blue. So why the hell this site is not really blue? Well, it’s purely a question of money. I have to resort to themes freely available, as my skills are not sufficient to do color modifications and such. I’ve managed to add things in the sidebar, but that’s about it. And even those often mess up the rest of the layout, so not all themes have the same things in the sidebar.

And it is needless to repeat that I’m broke. I’ve said that so often that it bores even me. Sure, a new skin does not cost huge amounts of money, but it’s still money I can use for something else. If you can tip me off on cheap makers of blog skins, I’d be really grateful. I do know what I’d want, I just can’t do it myself and I’m being too cheap to pay big bucks for it.

Maybe I’m alone in this like in so many things. Women tend to like other colors, not blue. Or so it seems to me in the blogosphere anyway. There are several blogs that can be described as pink or purple or red or even brown. Or green or yellow. That do look like they belong to a woman. But if I can find free themes that can be described as blue, those are so fucking male looking. I do not want those here. Again I’m swimming against everyone else. Well, nothing new under the sun…


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