Answer, part two where I talk about work

So now it is time for another post based on your questions. This time the question that wanted to be answered was : what’s your dream job?

So, you decided to ask me tough questions then? But I’ll try to answer this one. It should be pretty clear by now that my current job is not my dream job. So what would then be my dream job? The best answer I can give you is things that should or should not be a part of it.

It needs to be something where I get to actually do something. And by doing I do not mean sitting in endless meetings and writing memos! I mean I need to “get my hands dirty”. Not literally, but figuratively – the end product of my work should be something tangible I can look at and say I did this and it works. It might be a real apparatus or just something that runs in the computer.

And I hate all the paperwork. Hate, hate, hate. Specifications, reports, memos… If I could find a job where making any of those was unnecessary, I’d be a happy woman! And I prefer a job in which I do not have to work too closely with any customers. Of course every product has a customer, but I do not want to have to deal with them too often. I also like a job where someone else buys what I need and sells the end product. I hate buying or selling anything, selling being the worse of the two. But I’m rather sure I can find my dream job with my education, it’s just that there are so many different jobs available that I have ended in one I do not fit in. I actually did some online tests that supposedly tell you what you should be doing, and it did not disagree: I have my masters in (electrical) engineering, and that’s what it told me was the best job for me.

What else? Oh, let’s not forget colleagues. I do not perform well if I’m left completely alone. I need to be a part of a group where I can ask someone else for help if I can’t figure it out myself. But the chemistry between the members of the group is very, very important. I’ve been in bad groups (like right now) and then I have been in good groups. I miss those good groups dearly.

Oh, and a permanent position would be great. Knowing that you only have a job until next August unless you manage to find a new project and get funding for it really gets old fast. And the employer should be good, too. Here insurance is not an issue, but there are other things that are. Long vacation would be really great and you really should get paid for travelling. Which reminds me, it’s just fine to travel every now and then, but I could never travel 200 days per year!

My last job was as close as I have gotten to my dream job. I was doing ASIC design. I really, really liked coding in VHDL. The people I worked closely with were great. Too bad the company only saw dollar signs and decided to kick me out. I would most likely still be there if that had not happened. Fuck you, Nokia!

But for now I’m continuing in this job, well, at least until August that is. But if someone came and offered me a job in ASIC design, I would take it. I just don’t feel like looking for one myself right now.


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